The Triage Project is a local community service initiative that uses the patented Triage Software to train volunteers in clinical skills and practice in the field. This project will serve community participants with clinical screenings and referrals to appropriate national medical societies.  The project was launched in Riyadh, KSA in January, 2016 and we look forward to making strides with our loving volunteers!

Dr. Shaista Hussain, MD, founded Triage Project to be a healthcare adjunct to other charitable societies.  She studied Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Clinical Pathology in the UAE, Clinical Research and CRISPR Cas9 Engineering applications at Harvard University.


All volunteers undergo a 1 day, 2 hour training program to become versed in the use of the application. Trainees are also taught the importance of good ethical practice and are offered a renewal of their Basic Life Support Training.

Upon successful completion of the training course, volunteers are invited to participate in field trips to communities in need, to use the application and offer supportive care for those in need.

We have a team of dedicated community volunteers, from a variety of backgrounds.  Our common goal unites us, and through focussed and organized training, we hope to build a nation of highly skilled clinicians servicing a nation of healthy communities.   We're a part of your local community and we're always here to help.  

Our team leaders are young healthcare professionals, and our administrative team is comprised of enthusiastic, young, professional hospital administrators, dedicated to our cause.